Livia for Chemists App

Livia for Chemists app is an application for Pharmacies and is available on android.

Livia benefits to chemists?

  • Have a digital on-line presence instantly without having to spend time and a lot of money developing your own app
  • Receive orders from Livia Health's over 16,000 registered users on both android and iOS phones
  • Be part of a wide network of pharmacies that serve the insurance sector through Livia

Download Livia Chemist

Livia Chemist App is only available for download in Kenya.

How it works

  • This app receives orders from the Livia Dawa app
  • Chemists within the specified location ​ submit their best offer for the order through the application
  • System automatically picks the chemist with the best available price for the order
  • Patient can choose to pay for order through ​ Cash on Delivery​​ or ​ MPESA (One Touch
    Payment System)