Livia Health

Livia Health provides patients with access to ​ prescription ​ medicine at the best price with utmost

  • Livia Health offers ​ patients ​ access to all chemists registered on the app, ​ providing​ medicine at the best price.
  • Livia Health also enables patients to schedule appointments with the doctors registered on the app.
  • Livia Health has an inbuilt feature that enables patients and doctors to set reminders and schedule
    refills for prescriptions

Downlaod Livia Health app

Livia Md is only available for download in Kenya.

How it works

  • Users ​ place​ orders for medicine​ /prescriptions​ on the Livia Dawa app
  • Chemists submit their best offer for the specific order through the application
  • Based on the user’s inputted location, the ​ System automatically picks the chemist with the
    best available price for the order
  • System presents that price to the patient on Livia Dawa
    Patient can choose to pay for order through ​ Cash on Delivery​​ or ​ MPESA (One Touch
    Payment System)
  • Users can also make consultation requests on the app and schedule appointments with