Livia Pharmacy Benefits Management Package (PBM)


Pharmacy Management Benefits Package

Livia is the FIRST and ONLY health care entity in Kenya to bring our patients Pharmacy Benefits Management!

Livia will be working with insurance companies and employers to manage pharmacy benefits efficiently and effectively. These efforts will decrease the cost of prescription drugs allowing for more affordability and improving patient outcomes.

Our PBM will:

  • Afford insurances companies and employers the opportunity to leverage a robust medication reimbursement management system
  • Facilitate cost-containment and in turn lower the cost of medications
  • Improve access, standardization in prescription management, and improve cost-effectiveness
  • Utilize a Medication Formulary development and maintenance
  • Protect beneficiaries from catastrophic expenditure on medicines
  • Improve access to quality and affordable care
  • Reduce cost of financing healthcare
  • Generating additional resources for priority health services
  • Reduce shock to public health by minimizing inappropriate medicines use
  • Provide a platform for evidence-based and guidelines enforced practice


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