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Our Solutions

Livia offers a hub of tech applications that work to the benefit of the patient and the key stakeholders.
Our ecosystem

Livia Dawa

Livia Dawa provides patients with access to ​ prescription ​ medicine at the best price with utmost

  • Livia Dawa offers ​ patients ​ access to all chemists registered on the app, ​ providing​ medicine at the best price.
  • Livia Dawa also enables patients to schedule appointments with the doctors registered on the app.
  • Livia Dawa has an inbuilt feature that enables patients and doctors to set reminders and schedule
    refills for prescriptions

How it works

  • Users ​ place​ orders for medicine​ /prescriptions​ on the Livia Dawa app
  • Chemists submit their best offer for the specific order through the application
  • Based on the user’s inputted location, the ​ System automatically picks the chemist with the
    best available price for the order
  • System presents that price to the patient on Livia Dawa
    Patient can choose to pay for order through ​ Cash on Delivery​​ or ​ MPESA (One Touch
    Payment System)
  • Users can also make consultation requests on the app and schedule appointments with

Livia Chemist

Livia chemist is an application geared towards chemists under the Livia App ecosystem

Livia benefits to chemists?

  • Group Purchasing- Livia partner chemists can place orders to other chemists and get the best prices
    for their purchase
  • Increases client reach for the chemist through Livia Dawa’s over 10,000 registered users.
  • Saves Money – Saves the chemist the cost of building a similar application to reach clients

How it works

  • This app receives orders from the Livia Dawa app
  • Chemists within the specified location ​ submit their best offer for the order through the application
  • System automatically picks the chemist with the best available price for the order
  • Patient can choose to pay for order through ​ Cash on Delivery​​ or ​ MPESA (One Touch
    Payment System)

Livia MD

Livia MD is a practice management software and application that connects doctors to our ecosystem

Livia MD benefits to doctors?

  • Doctors can appoint Livia to be their pharmacy managers and have an opt-in earning policy with
  • Livia Dawa users can book appointments through the app
  • Doctor electronic diary​​ tool to help plan and control consultations available both on PC and Mobile
  • Speed RX Tool​​ – Saves prescription time in cases where some prescriptions are repetitive.
  • Helps doctors submit claims to insurance companies
  • Drug Index – ​ Doctors can see the medicines available in the

Benefits of E-prescribing/E-Prescriptions

Prevents prescription errors

E-Prescribing or​ E-Prescriptions​​ eliminate handwriting errors/illegibility and gives both physician and
pharmacist access to a patient’s prescription history to reduce the chance of dispensing the wrong

Automated clinical decision support

Many prescriptions and over the counter medicines are available in multiple strengths or forms.
E-Prescribing removes the guesswork by prompting prescribers to completely fill out the dose, route,
strength and frequency and providing drop-down lists of the most common sig information. It also
includes dosage checking and therapy alerts.

Speeds up the medication reconciliation process
Hidden Doctors can instantly view a patient’s medication history and won’t have to manually reconcile
medication lists or commit clinical information to memory, such as drug-drug interactions.

Instant notification of allergies, drug interactions, duplicate therapies and other clinical alerts

E-Prescribing gives physicians’ full visibility into all of a patient’s documented allergies and previously
prescribed medicines and will trigger clinical alerts if a newly prescribed drug has any potential for
negative reactions.

Track patient fulfillment of prescriptions

E-Prescribing allows physicians to verify whether patients fill prescriptions, and to counsel patients on
medication management if they haven’t.

Reduces the number of lost prescription

Patients and chemists can read the e-prescription from the platform rather than relying on printed or
handwritten copies that are easily lost or damage

How it works

  • This app receives a consultation request from the Livia Dawa App
  • An inbuilt app processes and schedules the request
  • Doctors e-prescribe the medication
  • Livia helps patient in fulfilling the prescription

Livia Insurance

Livia Insurance is a health management software and application that connects insurance companies to
our ecosystem.

Livia benefits to insurance companies?

  • Reverse bidding process- ​ Insurance companies are assured of the best drug prices for their subscribers
  • Drug formula​​ ensures that only cost effective medicines are dispersed
  • Cost effectiveness​​ -Purchases made on Livia saves the insurance companies 50% of the usual price
  • Fraud prevention​​ – Livia ensures users will pay for what it prescribed through ​ OTP (One Time Password)​​ , doctors can verify patients that raise claims.